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Our Guide To help Your Move Go Smoothly

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A Man and Van – Initial Consultation

When you contact us, we will arrange for a visit to your property, this first visit is important to establish a plan for your removal date. We will discuss any special requirements and needs to ensure your move goes smoothly.

Our Surveyor will look at your items and will work out a volume required for the move, we will include items stored in other areas of the house, such as garages, sheds and lofts.

We will then be able to work out the size of the move and establish how long the move will take and what size of van / lorry will be needed.

We will also be able to give a timeframe for the collection and delivery between the two properties.
Our surveyor will be able to answer any questions directly and we’ll also establish property access and any parking restrictions, etc.

We’ll be able to discuss various options with you, including our white gloves service and whether you would like us to pack your goods. We can also arrange to have packing boxes delivered earlier if you’d like to start packing some items yourself.

We offer a cash incentive of £25

Cash incentive of £25

for the return of our boxes which we are happy to collect from you!

Things That You Can Plan In Advance

  • Start to cancel any non essential subscriptions, discuss good dates also for telephone and sky reconnection services
  • Sort a mail redirection service and pay any outstanding bills on that property
  • Advise your Gas, Water, Telephone and Electricity suppliers that you are moving

  • Advise your bank or building society to ensure essential post is not lost, as well as your employers, and update any emergency contacts

  • Let your schools know as well as doctors and dentists and register for new practises near your new home

  • Don’t forget your pets, register with a new vet surgery

Things That You Can Plan In Advance

Helpful Pre-packing Tips

  • Start packing early, be prepared to allow additional time for this task

  • Be organised, box anything that you are not going to need, completing one room at a time, and label each box with contents and location

  • Ensure anything sharp such as knives and tools are protected to avoid an accident

  • Ensure all the boxes are sturdy and taped securely. We can supply you with boxes and packing materials such as tape, tissue paper and bubble wrap in advance

  • Make sure you leave out enough medication or documents that you may need until the day of the move

  • If you are moving fish, you can start to clean and drain the tank, leaving enough with which to transport them

Helpful Pre-packing Tips

Whilst most people do like to pack their own goods, we can offer you a complete packing service to take the strain out of the move. This will generally be completed the day before the move, but you can discuss this at your consultation.

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On The Day Of The Move

Meet the removal team and show them what is going, they are well experienced in what needs to be loaded first, and moved, so let them plan and pack the lorry.

Make sure you have food and refreshments planned for yourself as it might be a long day.

Ensure children and pets are safe, as the doors will be open for a long time.

Once the van is loaded, have a final look around the property to ensure everything is packed.

And finally…have you locked up all doors and windows and put the keys safe? Have you got your new keys ready?

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

We’ll take the strain

Our team will help you in any way possible on the day, and you can liaise with our office for any additional support.

We aim to give a highly professional, friendly level of service, and all our operatives are polite and very helpful.

Download the free PDF version of our guide to assist you before, during and after your move.